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Lemon Cardamom Soda Bread: Cooking for a Broken Heart

Lemon Cardamom Soda Bread
Lemon Cardamom Soda Bread

Inspired by a recipe in the beautiful Tassajara Cookbook, this fragrant soda bread combines lemon zest with freshly ground cardamom and a touch of rosewater.

Two years ago, I had to deal with heartbreak.  The story isn’t important, and in fact it had a happy ending anyway (we got back together, life is good).  But at the time, things got dark.  I was being kind of publicly sad about it on a small forum where I’ve been posting for years, and another user reached out to me to say that he was in almost the exact same situation as me: long term relationship hit some bad rocks, future uncertain, feeling abandoned and upended.  We talked a little about coping methods, and I said that one thing I do to make myself feel better is cook.  He was interested in this since he used to work in catering, and his response was more or less, “How does that work?”

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